“I have been working with and using AML diagnostics for the past several years for both large groups and for individual clients. I often have large groups that I order lab draws on and many times these have been last minute requests. I have found that arranging a blood draw to be set up at a facility (for a team or business) or at home for a patient has been seamless and without headaches. Results have an easy to interpret format for my patients. Turnaround time for lab work is also faster than most companies that I have worked with. It allows me to have confidence in working with them and trusting that they go the extra mile to keep my time free to help patients rather than handle red tape. I highly recommend them.”

David LeMay M.D.

“Since we have started the working relationship with AML Diagnostics. I have been extremely satisfied with the services provided. The AML team has been extremely professional and has a strong customer relations component that I am extremely thankful for. AML offers and provides excellent turn-around times which is important in the treatment field. I appreciate having the ability to call and have any issue resolved in such a timely manner. AML Diagnostics is a champion in the lab services they provide.”

Dr. Hamlet Hassan