The TK-1 test is a simple and accurate cancer test performed exclusively with AML Diagnostics. TK-1 or Thymidine Kinase-1 is an enzyme that can be found in most living cells. TK-1 is responsible for DNA duplication during cell division and DNA repair. As cancerous cells rapidly and aggressively divide, more TK-1 is released into the blood. By regularly monitoring TK-1 levels in your blood, you are able to detect indications of cancer formation early on before it’s too aggressive to manage.

Who Should Take The Test?

EVERYONE – TK-1 is a biomarker test that every individual should be screened with to detect the early onset of cancer. The test should be repeated annually in individuals with low risk for cancer, and more frequently for those at higher risk. Early on, cholesterol testing was produced to monitor and prevent death from heart disease. Now TK-1 testing is here to do the same for cancer.

When Should You Test?

All patients should have this test to establish a personal baseline. For patients going through cancer treatment: frequent TK-1 testing will help monitor the effectiveness of treatment or if the cancer has become more aggressive. For patients in remission: frequent TK-1 testing will provide patients with peace of mind knowing their cancer remains in remission and the ability to detect a recurrence.

What Can Affect the Results?

    • Autoimmune Disease
    • B12 or Folate Deficiency
    • Acute Infection
    • Surgery (within past 6 months)
      If the above disorders have been ruled out and repeat TK-1 testing continues to reveal elevated levels, you should be evaluated for possible malignancy.