Addiction Treatment

AML Toxicology testing assists healthcare practitioners in the diagnosis, intervention, treatment and monitoring for the long-term recovery of patients. AML Diagnostics not only provides quick, precise, reliable results, we also offer tools for addiction management.

Pain Management

Urine drug testing is a tool used to support comprehensive pain management. It provides valuable objective information to assist in diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Urine testing also provides confirmation of the agreed-upon treatment plan (adherence/compliance) and detects the prescription use.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Monitoring can help identify decreases in the efficiency of and dysfunctions in the body’s ability to metabolize and eliminate therapeutic drugs. Testing may also determine how a medication interacts with other necessary drugs. It can also identify non-compliance when a patient does not take medications as prescribed.

Mental Health

Urine Testing is used as an assessment tool to detect and support medication therapy and individual treatment plans. It is used to identify possible prescription medications, non-prescription medications or illicit drugs. Results can be used in identifying abuse of prescribed medications or illicit drugs.